September 24, 2018—Dinner Meeting with students
“Gem’s on Oral Surgery for the General Practitioner”
Speaker: Dr. David Rusen
Location: Chosabi Unit 6-605 Sterling Lyon Parkway
November 7, 2018—–Dinner Meeting
“Allergies in Dentistry: Latex, Antibiotics, Anaesthetics, and Contact Dermatitis”
Speaker: Dr. Lana Rosenfield
Location: TBA

February 11, 2019——Dinner Meeting with students
“Lesser-known Clinical Variations in some Common Oral Conditions: a Common-sense Differential Diagnosis”
Speakers: Dr. Catalena Birek & Dr. Juliana Pfeffer
Location: TBA

April 11, 2019———Mixed Dinner Meeting
Speaker and Location: TBA