Past Events

September 26th, 2017- September Dinner Meeting (Including Spouses)
Human Rights Museum “A Dedication to Human Rights: The Plight of the Yazidis”
Speakers: Anita Neville, Nafiya Naso, & Michel Aziza

March 23rd, 2017 – Dinner Meeting at Glendale Golf and Country Club- “Getting ready for the next exciting stage of your life. Making sure you’re on Track” by Mr. Darryl Choptuik

February 15th, 2017 – Dinner Meeting All you need to know about Health Data in Manitoba” by Dr. Alan Katz MBChB MSc CCFP

September 21st:  Dinner Meeting with students “Intro to Laser Dentistry” by Dr. Les Rykiss at Merchant Kitchen

April 14th, 2016: Gold Plate – Location: Glendale Golf & Country Club  Speaker: Dr. Catherine Chatterley-Members only

February 16th, 2016: Dinner meeting with students – Location: Merchant Kitchen 314 Donald St.   Speaker: Dr. John Tsourounakis

December 12th, 2015: 50th Annual Memorial Lecture – Dr. Howard Farran: “The Business of Dentistry” at the RBC Convention Centre

November 24th, 2015: Dinner meeting – Shaarey Zedek Synagogue “Holocaust Survivors Oral Health Program- Members only

September 21st, 2015: Dinner Meeting (with students)
“Guided Implant Surgery”
Speaker: Dr. Milan Madhavji
The Clay Oven (240-1600 Kenaston Blvd.), 6:30pm.- Members only

April 18, 2015: Grad Lunch

March 30th, 2015: Dinner Meeting – Speaker: Mr. Kyle Walters, General Manager, Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Topic: “Free Agency” and the 2015 Season

February 5th, 2015: Dinner Meeting (no students) – Speaker: Dr. John Embil Topic: Travel Related Diseases and Associated Medicine